Are you still vegan?

A question my mother texts me each time about a day or two before we’re supposed to go to my parents house for dinner.

“Yes mom, still vegan!”

I’ll admit I have flip flopped with my diet and eating styles before. I’ve been vegetarian, vegan, no red meat, no sweets, the list goes on. So her question isn’t unwarranted but this time its different.

Since discovering minimalism and researching the ins and outs of what it means to different people and different cultures, one can’t help but wander into environmentalism, GMOs, and what the factory farm industry does to our environment. I’ve always believed that eating meat isn’t good for you or the environment but since having children my determination to make better decisions for myself and my family has been much greater. So I predict there will be no flip flopping this time around.

are you still vegan

I have been meat free for a little over 4 months (at the time of this post) and doing my best to eat a vegan diet as well. It has definitely been extremely hard, especially when you’re the only one in your family doing it. It usually means cooking separate meals for myself and the kids. Let’s face it, I might make a mean vegan pulled pork sandwich but the kids won’t go anywhere near it.

Going out to restaurants and other people’s homes is more difficult as well. There are usually little to no options in the vegan category which means I end up sacrificing my choice of wanting to eat a vegan diet and get something vegetarian or I choose to eat before we go somewhere or after we get back.

Another obstacle I have found is that my daughter has a nut and peanut allergy. This isn’t a huge issue, more of an annoyance. It just means that I need to be more careful in selecting which vegan products I bring home. I have found that a lot of the baking goods that are organic and vegan can’t safely say that they are nut-free and this limits my options for purchasing even further.

are you still vegan

Hi, my name is Jenny and I’m a sugar-aholic. Hi Jenny!

I have a serious sweet tooth! It is my crack. There are tons of delicious and healthy vegan treats that can be made but if I’m alone in a room with a bag of m&ms… oh you better watch out! This is definitely one of the struggles related to living with others who are not vegan. There are constant temptations and my sweet tooth usually wins out.

On the flipside of this negativity is how positively I have been feeling since switching to a (mostly) vegan diet. I have more energy, I feel less sluggish, and it is just good mentally to know that I am not putting crap (for the most part) into my body.

This post is not meant to try and convince you to switch to a vegan diet (although that would be awesome!) but just to vent about the struggles I have faced so far and wanting to state my commitment to living a vegan lifestyle.

Jenny / Life with Kidds


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