Turning Thirty

This February I will be turning thirty.

Thirty seems to be a dirty word among women in our society. It seems to be the age most women dread turning and try to stay this age for as long as they can. I’ve had some ups and downs with it myself. I’ve made bucket lists for goals I’ve wanted to achieve before I turned the evil thirty, almost none of which I have completed by the way.

Our society has put such a dark cloud on aging that women are afraid to get old. We do everything we can to not look our age; dye our hair, buy endless cosmetic products, even go as far as having cosmetic procedures and surgeries. I’ll admit I do or have wanted to do most of these things but I’ve recently decided that it is I who controls my thoughts and actions on aging, not society.

I can’t wait to grow older. I’ll admit I’m not jumping for joy at the thought but aging is a blessing not bestowed on everyone. Not everyone is so lucky to enjoy every stage of life and watch our friends and family grow older as well.

Instead of stressing about turning *gasp* thirty I’m going to embrace it and embrace the fact that I will grow old and get wrinkles and probably have hip problems. I also think there’s a level of wisdom that you receive when you grow older. As if you’ve finally reached the top of the mountain and can look out on everything you’ve accomplished and can truly appreciate it.

I recently told my fiancé that I want to live to be 150 and he said “Really? But all your friends and family will be dead”, the thought made me sad but I replied with “I want to live to see my great-great grand-babies.” I also quipped about the advances that will have been made in the medical field by then and that we would all probably still be alive lol! That’s probably not true but my point was that I don’t want to miss out on the important things in life and I don’t want to waste my precious time on this Earth worrying about how old I look.

I will learn to love and appreciate each age and how I look at each of them because life is a blessing not to be unappreciated.



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