My Morning Routine

If you’re a parent then you can obviously relate to how hectic and crazy it can be to get your kids (and yourself) out of the house in the morning.

This is the exact reason why I established a routine for myself to follow in the morning. It might not work for everyone but it works for me and it definitely works for the kids. Not every morning is perfect we still have our battles and struggles but for the most part we get out of the house and to school on time with no tears… most days lol


Pre-routine things weren’t terrible but they definitely weren’t the best they could be. Most mornings I would wake up around 8am after J had already been awake for a couple of hours and been into snacks he shouldn’t be eating for breakfast. And E would wake up around the same time as me. So before I even had a cup of coffee in me or was even fully awake I had one kid whining they were hungry for breakfast and bouncing off the walls from whatever sugary treat he had gotten in to and the other crying for a clean diaper and attention. Not a great way to wake up in the morning.

My only solution for getting a handle on our morning situation was to wake up before the kids. So I started getting up at 6 am. But I quickly realized that J also gets up at 6 am. Getting up at the same time didn’t really help us. He would usually wake his sister before I even had a chance to fix his breakfast and get myself a coffee.

This means I had to start getting up at 5am. Ugh this sounded terrible. And it took me a few weeks to adjust but I was determined to take back my mornings and be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and possibly some peace and quiet so that I was able to be a calm and devoted mother.


But I didn’t just want to get up early for the sake of getting up early. I wanted to use this time wisely. Also if I didn’t keep myself busy I’d definitely fall asleep on the couch… and it happened a couple of times.

I don’t always do the same things each morning but I had a general idea of what I could be doing with this time. In the wee hours of the morning I am either meditating, working out, researching, blogging or just scrolling Instagram. Whatever I do with this time doesn’t matter, it is mine to do what I want with. I get up early to re-fill my cup, I can’t give my children the love and attention they deserve if I’m running on empty. Even if J or E wake up early and I only get 30 minutes to myself, it’s all I need to feel my best in the morning.

Here is a quick breakdown of what a typical morning looks like for us.

5:30 – 6am – Get up and make coffee… literally can’t do anything without coffee, something I would like to work on
6 – 6:30am – Meditate or do yoga
6:30 – 7am – Workout, Read, or do whatever! (And by whatever I mean mindlessly thumb through Facebook and Instagram)
7 – 8:45am – Breakfast, make J’s lunch, take J to School, go to the park with E (weather permitting, I am not a winter person!)
9am till E’s nap time – Dishes, play time with E

I hope this post helps inspire you to take time out of your day to do something for YOU. Whether it means getting up before the kids, having your me time during their nap time, having a sitter come over for a couple of hours, whatever it is take the time for YOU.

Jenny / Life with Kidds



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